Case Study: Short Term Cash Loans for Weekend Away

From the Instant Payday Loans files: John is a young professional who gets an unexpected call. Read his story:

“It was a Thursday. All was well. I was at work, finishing up a project and wondering what I should do for the weekend. Then I got a call.

It was my mates calling to invite me to join them for a weekend away. Nothing extravagant or crazy was planned; but the four of us hadn’t been able to get all together since graduating from university last year. We had rented apartments, got jobs, and tried to stay in touch with an occasional evening at pub shared between some of us… but never all four. That’s the life of someone just entering the world of work.

But finally! We were getting together! One last “hurrah” for old times. The plan was to meet up, drive down the coast to another city, rent a couple of rooms at a hotel on a beach for the weekend then see what the nightlife was like.

I wanted to say yes. But payday wasn’t until next week and all of my money had been committed – for rent, food, phone, and the usual suspects. I needed money if I was going to get away.

Fortunately, Online Payday Loans was something I’d used in the past and I knew that I could use one now. I just needed a few hundred dollars to get me through to the next payday. So I called up my payday loan place (they had everything on file) and got my money deposited directly to my bank by the next day.

I had money for my weekend. I paid it back on my next payday. It was the easiest, fastest way to get money in a hurry.”

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